Know your Processes

Documenting the steps to complete the regularly recurring tasks gives you a playbook if you’re in the market to hire a VA. It’s important to know your processes and procedures before trying to hand them off to someone else.

Not This

At some point in time, we all hit a moment when we’re done. We can no longer live life the way we’re currently living.  We face a crossroads where we need to choose to make a change or wilt away.  This is a “Not this” moment.

Fantasy You

There is a version of you who has it all. “Fantasy You” is the version of yourself that you aspire to be, but never appears unless "Current You" does the work.

Ease Into It

January comes with a flood of messages to set goals, make resolutions, establish new routines and, generally make some kind of change. It’s okay to ease into it. 

What’s Your Zone of Genius?

I started working through the book, The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It was surprising for me to learn that being a VA is actually my Zone of Excellence. I'm still working on my Zone of Genius.

Depend on vs. Dependent on

It is both a blessing and a curse to find a great assistant. When the fit is right, it’s very easy to fall into a place of trust and for a client to relinquish total control to their VA. Many clients forget it’s still their business and they need to know how to manage it, especially when their VA is unavailable.

Make Room for You

Many potential clients come to me because they are ready for a change. They’re too busy managing the now to get excited for the future. Or they can imagine their new life, but can’t see the steps to get there. Often there are too many roadblocks in the way to form a clear vision of the future.

Your Calendar is a Container

When it comes to clutter most people think of physical stuff, but what if I told you that mental stuff can be clutter too? Figuring out your clutter threshold is key to helping you manage your stuff, including your time, energy and resources.