Be Honest

Whenever we go grocery shopping, my husband decides that’s the day he is giving up sweets. He has lots of will power to avoid adding cupcakes and ice cream into the cart, but the minute we get home and unload, he’s grumbling. Then I have to hear about how much he wants them ALL WEEK! Most of the time, he gives into his cravings and goes to the store. Then the cycle repeats.

I wish he would just be honest. He tends to shop the way he wants to be rather than how he actually is.

This happens a lot with potential clients. Lots of times, they come to me with their wish list instead of their needs list. Their wish list is full of things they want to accomplish instead of the things they actually need help with. 

“Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.”

– Thomas Jefferson

I don’t believe anyone intentionally lies to themselves, but being honest with one’s reality is the first step to getting real help.

The reason the hand-off list is the first step when hiring a virtual assistant is because if you don’t know what you need help with, you can’t clearly communicate to a potential support person how they can help you.

It’s not just your hand-off list. Consider your goals and procrastinations as well. Be honest when you prioritize the items. If everything on your list is an in-person task, then you need someone in person. A virtual assistant can’t pick up your dry cleaning or run local errands.

Also, your needs may change as you work through your task list. In a recent conversation with a client, we outlined the progression she can take based on her list and goals. Much of her immediate needs will be best done by a Business Partner Minded-VA. That will free up time for my client to focus on her goal of adding YouTube videos to her marketing.  Eventually she will need to find a specialist like a video editor to help.

Knowing this is the direction she wants to go gives her the clarity to ask any potential VA she interviews if they have this skill or knows someone who can help. Even if the VA says no, by the time they get to that project, both the client and the VA can be on the lookout.

When you get clear on your needs, you can be honest with yourself, your budget and anyone who comes along to help. Your wants can become your reality without depriving yourself of the sweet reward of time, energy and moving the needle forward on your goals.

Is there an area of your life or business where you aren’t being honest with yourself? Are you ready to be honest? I can help you determine your wants from your needs – and decide which list your procrastination items belong in! 

Let me know in the comments.


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