Ease Into It

January comes with a flood of messages to set goals, make resolutions, establish new routines and, generally make some kind of change. While I am a firm believer that we need to change in order to grow, I no longer believe in the starting line of a new year.

This year in particular I’ve slowly eased into 2023. It has been both wonderfully restful and unnerving. The Achiever in me is used to setting goals and checking things off my list. However while the ideas have been coming, the clarity to implement them has felt scattered and slippery like seeing a shiny fish in a murky pond. One minute it’s there and the next it’s sliding beyond view.

Anyone else feel that way?

According to Britnie Hurd The Entrepreneur’s Astrologer, during our Power Start Your 2023 planning day, this is actually aligned with the stars. The first quarter of the year sets the foundation for bigger projects. January is all about clarity.  She also says that Mercury and Mars have both been in retrograde which causes this slippery scattered feeling. The dual retrogrades should be passing soon which 🤞means more clarity for next steps. Thank goodness! I’m ready for things to make more sense 😉

If you missed our event and would like to listen, here is the link to the recording. The recording will be available until February 15th. Click here for the worksheet that Britnie and I reference. You will need to make a copy of the Google Sheets worksheet in order to fill in the cells with your information.

It’s okay to ease into it. 

It can be anything you need it to be: a goal, a new direction, taking on a team member or even just continuing on the path you’re already going on. 

I heard the term “yo-yo self-improving” by KC Davis (via Instagram) It’s like yo-yo dieting but it applies to the principle of going gung-ho after a new self-improvement solution and then dropping it when it doesn’t work right away and then trying the next thing and so on.

So often we jump into something new when the calendar restarts. Only for our excitement bubble to burst days or weeks later. We feel shame, guilt or discouragement for not making the new system or process work, when in reality, the next best thing might not be the right thing for us.

Real improvement happens slowly over time in small increments and baby steps. It’s figuring out the tools and systems that are already working for us and adding to or adjusting them for our new goals and priorities.

That’s why my word for this year is stretch. Stretching feels like taking a baby step into my discomfort zone and adding an element that brings me closer to my goal without the fear of reaching beyond my limits. It’s giving myself grace to ease into the new year instead of rushing in. 

What goal or priority do you have that I can support you with? What baby step(s) do you need to take to ease into it? Email me or leave me a comment.



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