Fantasy You

There is a version of me who has it all. She eats perfectly, exercises daily, spends plenty of time with her family and friends and has a thriving business where she works with amazing clients and creates successful programs. She travels to incredible places, eats the most delicious food, and never gains a pound. She’s adventurous and free spirited. She never has a moment of anxiety or a negative thought.

Fantasy Rachael sounds amazing, doesn’t she? I want to become her. 

Can you relate? Do you have a “Fantasy You”?

Does “Fantasy You” have an immaculate house, which is clean, tidy and easy to manage? Or does “Fantasy You” have a thriving business with a virtual assistant to support your growth and manage your team so you can solely focus on your clients?

The idea of “Fantasy You” can have a visceral pull. Dreaming of your future can be fun and inspiring. Or it can be overwhelming and anxiety producing.

The journey from Current Me to Fantasy Me can sometimes feel impossible. That version of me is too perfect, I don’t always feel worthy or deserving of that perfection.

Maybe you can relate?

“Fantasy You” is the version of yourself that you aspire to be. Except most of the time this fantasy version of you is just expected to magically appear someday down the road without any work being done by you.

The problem is “Fantasy You” never appears unless “Current You” takes action to become it. “Current You” is in charge and is the only version of yourself that you have any control over. 

The way to become the best version of you is to get clear of who that is, make some realistic goals and take action to achieve them.  

If Fantasy Rachael is healthy with control over her blood sugar, then I have to focus on eating right and exercising. If Fantasy Rachael has a thriving practice of clients and programs that inspire people to take action, then I have to take steps to make that happen. It’s the same with you.

What does “Fantasy You” look like? Are you taking steps to become that version of yourself? If not, why not?

Part of the reason we fantasize instead of going after our dreams is that we set unrealistic goals, or have a lack of motivation, ability, or a plan. 

Here are some steps to turn “Fantasy You” into reality:

  1. Get a clear picture: Write down the dream version of yourself.  Be detailed and specific. Don’t hold back and don’t edit. Put everything down on paper.  Dream big!
  2. Look at the details with curiosity: While most of the things we write down may or may not be realistic, it helps to look at each detail with curiosity. How realistic is this version of myself? Do I have the time, energy, motivation, support, ability, skills, etc. to make this version of myself happen? If not, what can I do now? How can I adjust my vision to become more realistic? 
  3. Make a plan: What are the achievable goals in your vision? What milestones can you create to reach those goals? How can you break down those milestones into their smallest steps? What steps are yours to do? What can you delegate to others?  Take all the answers and make a plan.
  4. Block time to prioritize your goals: If you don’t create space to focus on your goals and make them a priority, no one else will.  It becomes easy to push these tasks to the back burner if we don’t make a conscious effort to keep them important. Create time blocks on your calendar to focus on your goals. Pick specific times per day, week or month or join an accountability group if you need support.

When you take the time to ask the hard questions, “Fantasy You” doesn’t feel so far away. As you embark on the journey to become this version of you, you may find your vision changing, and growing. Things never turn out the way we think they will. Most times they turn out even better.

There is still time to join the Beta trial for my Accountability Days, click here for details. Give it a try and start your journey to become “Fantasy You!”

I’m here to help you with any of the steps above. Email me with any questions.



One Reply to “Fantasy You”

  1. Yes, I want to live as my Fantasy Charlene does!! 🙂 Working on it daily. Thanks Rach for the encouraging reminders.

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