Risks Worth Taking

Every day, business owners make difficult choices. It comes with the territory of creating something all our own. One of the biggest risks we take when our load becomes too big is to hire help.

Walk My Talk

For years as a virtual assistant, I’ve been telling business owners to hire support and hand off tasks that someone can do better, faster, or for less. It was time to walk my talk and follow my own advice.

Know Your Season of Life

Spring has sprung. It’s like I've come out of hibernation and can actually focus on my goals again. My mind is already reaching for new ideas, new opportunities, dreaming new dreams, but I still feel like slowing down. Can you relate?

Overcoming Perfection Paralysis

If you keep putting things off until you can do them perfectly, they never get done. It’s true. There is never a perfect time. You will never have the energy. Life will always get in the way. Read on for 3 Tips to Overcome Perfection Paralysis.

Stop Tolerating Tolerations

Identifying the tolerations in your life and eliminating them can reduce overwhelm and anxiety, give you more energy, create a sense of calm, and un-clutter our mental space.

More Accountability Hacks

In addition to virtual assistance, I'm also a professional organizer. Recently, I met with one of my organizing clients.  As so often happens when we get together, our focus shifted from working on her home to working on her to-do list.  It’s been my long time belief, and it’s actually backed by science, that your …

Know my limits

Everywhere I look people are talking about goal setting and setting resolutions. I’m exhausted just reading about it. Chalk it up to getting older, but my stamina isn’t what it once was. I did something different for myself this year.