Overcoming Perfection Paralysis

If you keep putting things off until you can do them perfectly, they never get done. It’s true. There is never a perfect time. You will never have the energy. Life will always get in the way. Read on for 3 Tips to Overcome Perfection Paralysis.

Stop Tolerating Tolerations

Identifying the tolerations in your life and eliminating them can reduce overwhelm and anxiety, give you more energy, create a sense of calm, and un-clutter our mental space.

More Accountability Hacks

In addition to virtual assistance, I'm also a professional organizer. Recently, I met with one of my organizing clients.  As so often happens when we get together, our focus shifted from working on her home to working on her to-do list.  It’s been my long time belief, and it’s actually backed by science, that your …

Hygge for the holidays

Imagine curling up under a warm blanket, in your most comfortable clothes, sipping a warm beverage, while Twinkle lights or a warm fire glow brightly. This is Hygge! And it's my favorite holiday tradition.

Thanksgiving for lessons learned

Today is Thanksgiving here in the states and I’m thankful for a bittersweet reason. On this day 21 years ago, I lost my mom. While I am grateful to be surrounded by my family and best friend while we share a holiday meal, I’m also thankful to reflect on the woman I lost so long ago.